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About the Magazine

The Most Wanted Magazine is an annually published print-magazine with it‘s main focus on the european trainwriting culture, in which the works of avantgarde urban artists are released and documented anonymously. Nowadays, graffiti is an essential part of the urban environment and has finally found its way into museums, art and design. Trainwriting, as a sub-cult, has been the origin of this world wide phenomenon. Most artists rarely recieve recognition for their creative output on trains and due to the legal grey area of their position many of them use aliases. Regardless of that, their impact and significance remains, as a result of their passion.

The project startet 2002 as a local paper for the south-german graffiti scene and is re-published since 2016 by an extended team and a new concept. Nowadays, beside of the occasional exception, most graffiti pictures can be seen as an unfiltered stream of amateurish pictures on Instagram. We support the fact, that a print-magazine is the result of decisive editorial work. The Magazine aims to highlight single aspects of the trainwriting culture with every coming issue and to show a selection of pictures and texts, that would otherwise be hidden from the public.


We are proud to present Issue 9 – Maturation!

6,7, and 8

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